My name is Waylon Waymoth and I started Waymo’s Photography in 2002 to pay for my photography habit.  Many people ask “Why did you call your business ‘Waymo’s Photography?’”  Well, the answer is simple, because Waymoth’s Photography would just sound stupid.


I got into photography at the end of my enlistment in the Marine Corps because I had a nice camera and a lot of cool things to take pictures of.  What I discovered is that a nice camera and tons of cool things to take pictures of wasn’t enough.  I needed to understand photography to make those pictures look good.  That’s when I started to study photography and I haven’t stopped.  I became fascinated with manipulating light to make breathtaking images.  The first time that I made a bride cry because she was so taken back by her wedding album, I knew that I would never want to be anything else but a photographer.


My wife Karla and I have been together since we were 16.  She was way out of my league, but I was able to get her to go out with me because I had great hair and I played in a band.  Karla and our four kids are an important part of Waymo’s Photography.  Karla is a wonderful photographer and has a mathematical approach to her art.  She helps me out a lot in the business by shooting weddings with me and keeping me in line.  Our kids Clare, Lilly, Sam and Josie are the perfect models.  I use them a great deal to test out new lighting techniques and new equipment.  They also make good office help at the studio. 


I hope that you consider Waymo’s Photography for any of your Portrait needs.  If you have any questions feel free to call, or better yet, stop by my studio. I’d love to meet you.